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Physics is the cause of many nights without sleep for many students all over the world. Regardless of the level of education, physics can cause you stress. Almost every student asked himself a question “Why do I need this? Is this really necessary?” The answer to that question would have to be yes. It is absolutely essential that you get acquainted with physics as soon as possible, preferably in elementary school.

1. Physics surrounds us

Why is that notorious physics so important? The simplest answer would be, because it is all around you, because physics is explaining the very creation of the world. It covers various sub disciplines like optics, electricity, nuclear physics and many others. Not to mention that without physics we wouldn’t be able to use all this technology today. We are taking it for granted, but if you think about, the harbingers of modern technology are accomplishments in physics.

I believe all of these are the reasons to get familiar with physics as soon as possible. You should look forward to learn all those great things, and not to be afraid of it. When you get even the basic knowledge in physics you will have a much better understanding of the world around you. Physics also includes plenty experiments, looking things through a microscope, measuring and calculating.

2. It can help you choose your career.

Your main fear in physics probably lies in fear of formulas and theories, and you probably aren’t thinking about the advantages of the subject.

For one thing, physics is required for almost every single career path that you might choose. Think about engineering, for example. You can’t possibly accomplish anything without knowing the laws of physics. Astronauts seem cool, don’t they? Well, all of them have to have a great knowledge of physics. Even if you want to practice medicine, both diagnostics and treatment greatly depend on physics; just think of x-rays and MRI.

Of course, all of these things are far away from the basics, but you have to start somewhere. That’s one more reason to start learning about physics.

Even though the roots of physics reach far back to Ancient Greece, there are still so many questions that remain unanswered until today. The world needs still needs the answers to many questions, and who is supposed to give them? Young and new physicists, of course. The children who are starting their journey in physics. That’s why it’s very important to interest children about physics and that’s only possible if the teachers take an interesting approach, especially when the child is just getting familiar with the subject. If teachers just throw a bunch of information on the children, with bunch of formulas and theories, without any motivation to explore and use logical thinking, children will of course be discouraged and refuse to take part in anything that has to do with physics. And we all know much is hard to fix the first impression.

3. Inspires logical thinking.

Besides all things mentioned above, physics also has one very important quality which is very important to activate in children. That’s called logical thinking. In modern tutoring the most important for a tutor is to motivate the student to think logically and outside the box.

Both of these ways of thinking are very useful, and can improve the way the child comprehends all the problems that are on his way.

Like all other natural sciences, physics too requires to be able to really understand the topic. With physics you can’t just memorize things and expect to be successful at it. Because of that, the student’s entire approach to studying can change, of course in a good way.

Another reason why physics should be a part of a child’s life is because it’s so applicable to everyday problems, which can be overcome with basic physics knowledge.

4. Physics is fun

Also, a child can have plenty of fun with physics. Let’s say he enjoys watching the sky, the stars, the moon, or simply trough a magnifying glass. Well, with the help of physics he can use to proper tools that work on exactly the same principle like he read on his books. A student can even use his physics knowledge to create some of his own tools. You will have to agree there’s no better motivation for a student than being able to apply his knowledge and to do something practical.

5. It’s a modern science

In this modern age, where everything is full with computers, smartphones and other wonders, if someone would like to pursue career in electronics, he would have to start with physics.

Even in the past, it seems that everything, or most things, were based on inventions that physicist brought us. Some of these inventions were groundbreaking and completely changed the way the world function. Electricity for example, you can’t possibly imagine the world without it.

Physics is advancing every day, and the things that used to be considered unimaginable are now considered quite normal, and physics is always setting new goals. Some of them are teleportation, or time travel. That may seem unbelievable at the moment, but that’s the future. For example, physicists were first just published a theory of a black hole, and in these past days, we’ve seen a picture of it. It’s so far away, we cannot even imagine that distance, but we have the photography of it. It’s just a matter of time when we will have another great discovery.

When it comes to physics, it was always a mysterious and popular science. Not all people can understand it, but they admire it. The great physicists were always popular and they aren’t forgotten. Everyone knows about Einstein, Tesla, Hawking, and that’s just a few of them.

We have to be honest and admit that physics is inevitable part of our lives and it’s very important that we pass all known physics knowledge to our children, because some of them will change the course of the world, without a doubt. Every great journey starts with a small step, and the small step in changing the world with physics is to involve children as soon as possible.