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Powerful Basic and Advanced Speed Reading Techniques To Master In Minutes

Whether you are a student or a professional, reading is part of your daily routine. Reports, newspapers, magazines, assignments; all involve reading which could take hours. The concept of speed reading was developed to assist people in reading quickly for gaining as much information as possible but within a reasonable time frame.

Speed reading techniques involve those reading methods through which the speed of reading is increased but this does not reduce the retention or comprehension. The average reading speed is 250 words per minute but this art enables people to read 500 to 1000 words per minute. For more information on speed reading, mindtools has a good article on it.

Some techniques are quite simple and can be tried out by people free of any charge. Nevertheless, there are also courses that can be taken by people for the purpose of boosting their reading speed.

To digest a large amount of information in a short time and without missing out any important point; the tactics of increasing speed are very useful. The first and very basic trick for boosting your reading speed is to pick the right environment.

You will find that you can read more words and pages in the library as compared to your living room where the TV is blaring. This is why speed reading as a collection of methods and techniques that help you increase your reading speed to a noticeable extent without reducing your comprehension and retention capability, calls for an obvious need for a very conducive atmosphere.

The practice of Speed reading has gained a lot of popularity over a period of time because almost all students and working professionals have to read and comprehend heaps of information in very less time.

In order to remain up-to-date and consume such a large chunk of information every day, more and more people are adopting speed reading techniques. Some of such speed reading methods and techniques which can be grasped in just five minutes include skimming and Meta guiding and exclude sub-vocalization and rereading. In the beginning, speed reading includes choosing the right environment, sitting in a comfortable posture, and reading the more enjoyable material but as it progresses, it includes several other advanced techniques that are more difficult than the basic ones.


Speed Reading Techniques

Speed reading techniques can be divided into two parts- basic and advanced. Basic techniques are followed by the beginners while advanced techniques are followed by those who have already learned the basic ones and are now ready to break their poor reading habits. Unlike most other skills, this specific skill of speed reading is gained over a period of time, after continuous and sincere efforts. But as the process progresses, you can feel noticeable results and see the difference in your reading speed.


Basic Speed Reading Techniques

Basic reading techniques to improve your reading speed include choosing the right and peaceful environment where you can comfortably sit in your favorite posture and read a more enjoyable reading material. You can choose a place at your home or college library or any coffee shop depending on your likes and preferences. Having sufficient oxygen intake, good eyesight, and being able to concentrate and maintain your focus are other factors that help you naturally increase your reading speed.

Along with this, you should stop your habit of sub-vocalizing the text. Most people do this, especially those who are very slow readers. When you sub-vocalize, you take more time in reading and understanding the text. When you speak a specific word, it is repeated by your mind and so, you take longer in comprehending it.


Advanced Speed Reading Techniques

Advanced speed reading techniques include skimming the text and reading blocks of the text, using your finger or pointer, using your peripheral vision, and skipping rereading.

  • Skimming is a process of finding those words or sentences of a page that offer clues to the meaning and message of the page. This comes naturally in some people but most people acquire this skill by continuous practice.
  • Meta guiding is a technical name for using a pointer or your finger to locate text. This helps in concentrating on the text so that you can move faster along the length of a passage.
  • Reading blocks of text is good to improve your reading speed and comprehension ability. You can start practicing by noting time taken in reading and try to reduce it every time you read it.
  • The most effective technique is not to reread the text. Once you are with a specific portion of text, don’t skip back. It reduces your reading speed and you ultimately take a long time in finishing a paragraph of the text.


To end off..

Speed-reading is not a difficult skill to learn. Most of the learning we do as young adults are considered conceptual learning, that is quite different from developing a skill. Conceptual learning is mainly a process of developing an understanding of the subject which can be often done through listening or reading. This is primarily intellectual. In developing a skill like speed-reading, there is also an understanding, but this understanding must be coupled with the practice of what you’re learning.

When trying your hand on speed reading techniques, it is generally best to practice a little bit every day. If you try to learn it all at once you may wind up understanding how it is done, but not be able to do it very well. Subsequently, with constant speed reading every day, for the most difficult type of reading, such as technical or study reading, the average student should be able to cut one third to one half the time from her studying and understanding the material much better. If you are a professional or business person you should be able to read reports, e-mails, regular mail and professional journals two to four times faster than you are doing right now when you engage yourself in continuous speed reading practice.

Consistently practicing speed-reading on daily basis will allow you not only to learn to read faster but also learn how to read better. This means how to get better comprehension when you read, how to remember what you read, how to determine your purpose for reading different types of material, and how to concentrate better. Reading is a very complex skill and there are many new things to find out about it.

Finally, speed reading is a very wonderful and useful skill and it is possible to grasp this skill with the assistance of the above-mentioned speed reading techniques. If you continuously practice the above powerful speed reading techniques, you’ll notice a change in your reading speed in a very short period of time.


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