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Education has become a big industry in our present time and age, with people placing more importance on academic qualifications. Just look at how much some super tutors are earning in Singapore in this article from the Straits Times. I am definitely not saying education wasn’t important in the past. It’s just that education has been made more important than ever to get a head start on your peers because of the competitiveness of today’s society.

Is Tuition Really Needed?

In Singapore, parents want to give their children any kind of competitive edge that can help them in their education, and because of this the rate at which the tuition industry is growing is increasing faster than ever. But does tuition really help a child in their academics? Are extra lessons needed after so many hours of studying in school?

It is true that students grades are not guaranteed to improve by that having tutors. In fact, most tutors are usually not willing or unenthusiastic towards offering any form of guarantee to parents. But it’s also true that most of the time tuition does affect the grades of a student and offers certain benefits that add more to what was taught in school.

Giving Students A Second Shot

For a start, it gives students a second shot at concepts they do not or did not fully understand in school. Tuition centres provide a well planned and clear study outline and their tutors are usually equipped with proven study techniques. This exposes a student’s mind to topics yet to be taught in school and makes understanding them even easier when it is eventually taught in school.

Home tutors are helpful to students in many ways. Most of the times school teachers are running a tight schedule and therefore are not able to cater for the learning needs of pupils with different learning capabilities.

Because of this school teachers find it hard to narrow their attention on every particular student in class. But with a home tutor, the gap is closed up by providing the guidance and attention these students hardly receive in schools. Additionally, most home tutors have taught and assessed students from several schools. This gives them the knowledge of the different standards and practices used in neighboring schools and uses it to teach students more effectively.

Also, students will find it more comfortable in a one to one tutoring environment to seek clarification and express their doubts than in a classroom environment with over 20 students. For students with low self-esteem and students who don’t find it easy to speak their thoughts in a classroom, home tutoring will be very beneficial.

The bottom line is that tutoring is proven to enhance a child’s academic performance most of the time. The child will get opportunities to clarify any doubts in a less humiliating environment and understand a topic better, be it during a one to one tutoring or a tuition agency with a well-polished system.

It’s certain that if the parents show their support and care for the child the benefits of tuition will greatly improve. Parents should collaborate with tutors to achieve greater success and widen the child’s potential, rather than telling the child not to waste the money spent on tuition and warning them to perform better.

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