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Being afraid of Physics exams is not an uncommon fear for many students, as Physics can be a challenging and content heavy subject that is even more difficult under timing limits and pressure. Hence, children end up hating Physics, in part due to the exams.

However, it is definitely possible to help your child overcome their hate and fear of Physics exams, with the help and guidance of these tips!

 First, find out the root cause of their hate of Physics exams.

The “why” is very important.

Is it a general hate of exams, regardless of the subject?

Or,does your child hate having trouble with memorizing so much at all once?

Perhaps, they don’t feel that their effort studying reflects their grades.

Either way, ask them about why they don’t like Physics exams, and work from there.

For children who hate exams in general..

Often, for children who already hate exams, Physics exams are an absolute nightmare. On  the exams of other subjects, such as Maths, they may have trouble with knowing where and when to show workings for questions. For Chemistry, they might have trouble with memorizing the keywords to hit. However, Physics is one of the few subjects that require both getting the correct keywords down in the correct order, and showing the right amounts of working, which is twice the struggle to juggle. Hence, they are left at a loss on how to manage both priorities in a Physics exam.

For children who hate having to memorize so much..

If your child hates having to memorize so much all at once, as Physics is a content heavy subject, it might point to problems with their studying techniques. Such problems might be not spreading out their revision over a long period of time and instead mass cramming the night before the big Physics exam. Mass cramming the night before leads to months and months of information having to be hurriedly digested in a few hours. This is the one most common ineffective tactics children use, either because they don’t know any better or are too lazy to study earlier.

If your child hates having to memorize so much, you might want to watch the way they study. If they try to take in a whole bunch of information at once, this tends to lead to them getting less quality time for sleeping, and also them not doing as well in the Physics exam, as they will be stressed out and irritable. Hence, try to introduce them to alternative study tactics, such as keeping a short summary of the most important points in each Physics chapter, or revising a past chapter every week or so.

For children who feel like their efforts do not reflect their grades..

This root cause tends to happen more with hardworking students, who make a sincere effort to study, but are not met with good grades. Disappointed, they end up hating Physics exams as they feel they are “too hard” or “impossible to pass.

Resolving their hatred of Physics exams might be a little harder, as the child has seemingly done what it takes to do well. However, after your child comes back with poor grades, it might be worth having a tuition teacher take a look at the paper and see if there are any common trends, such as your child not giving the keywords the examiner is looking for, or being unable to explain effectively.


In general, children have many reasons for starting to hate Physics exams, be it rigid time constraints, their lack of experience with more content-heavy subjects, or not knowing what the examiner is looking for. After establishing the root cause of your child’s dislike for the exams, only then can you and your child start working towards resolving the problem and start getting good grades.


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