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Easy Ways To Effectively Manage Daily Life In Three Minutes 


What if I told you that there is an investment you can make every day that will give you a guaranteed rate of return of 1000% each day? Would you choose to invest with a guaranteed return like that? The highest possibly yielding investment that you can possibly invest in is  investing a couple of minutes each day planning out your following day. One minute of planning every day will save you three minutes when you actually execute that plan and three minutes of planning will save you approximately 100 minutes of action throughout the day. Realize that the time you have on this planet is a limited resource.

The minute that you are spending right now is gone after 60 seconds and you will never get it back. It, therefore, becomes very important for you to utilize your time to the greatest extent possible so that you can extract the most value for the time that you invest, whether it is used at work, at home, in a relationship, with family, or for yourself. Planning makes the most efficient use of your time and it’s a practical skill for productivity that anyone can implement today. For more, read this from Creativity Post about working smarter, not harder.


Only Three Minutes a Day

Now I’m not a rich person and I don’t have baskets full of cash coming through my door every day so I have to be very careful where I spend my money. You must adopt this very same attitude for the time that you have in this world. We are given only a limited quantity of time and therefore we must know how to budget it so we don’t squander or waste that time that we have.

It’s amazing how very few people actually plan out what they are going to do every day. By not spending three to five minutes every day planning and manage daily life, they effectively waste 100 to 200 minutes every day by doing pointless actions with no purpose. They effectively become the circus bear being led around by the ringleader that is the unexpected events in their lives. Remember that actions that have no purpose usually result in failure. People who act without planning make more costly mistakes that people who plan ahead.


So What Does Planning Entail?

The art of planning simply entails taking a piece of paper and a pen to write down the tasks and all accompanying steps that you ought to take throughout the day to ensure that all your goal gets complete. Get yourself a spiral notebook from an office supply store or drug store and label it as your Personal Productivity Journal or your Professional Productivity Journal.

It is paramount that you keep a different booklet for your work and another for your private life. This will enable you to focus on each at a separate period while being in full control of your official and private life. It is strongly suggested that you tag every single independent page with the particular day, date and all that is necessary to be done that given day. Tasks should also be outlined in order of priority, and items that are not completed each day should be carried over to the next page.


When Should I Plan?

The law of diminishing returns states that when you begin an activity, your motivation and energy level will be at its peak and gradually  declining throughout the day, leading to a drop in productivity levels. This is natural for all of us and the way that you maximize productivity is by scheduling your most important tasks when your energy level is the highest, which for most of us is in the morning up to around lunchtime. This helps you to manage daily life by having a plan for different times of the day.

Conversely, you should do things like planning for your next day when your energy levels are low at the end of the day. By planning for the following day the night before you not only make efficient use of your low energy time, but also you maximize the efficiency of your high energy time the following day by having that plan ready to go.


Your Subconscious Mind Loves Lists

According to Brian Tracy, when you write down your action list the night before, your subconscious mind focuses on that plan while you sleep. By planning the night before, you will wake up fresh the next morning and be able to dive right into the activities that need to be done to increase productivity and value in your life. It is important to always have your list handy and keep it in a place where you are able to see it often. If you are going to be in multiple places throughout the day, then it is best to make several copies and keep in numerous strategic places so you allow yourself constant exposure to the material written on those lists throughout the day. This is important because it reinforces those items into your subconscious mind, giving you a level of motivational momentum.

Effects on the subconscious mind

You will also find those crossing items off your list throughout the day will give your subconscious mind a tremendous amount of accomplishment and internal motivational momentum to complete the other unfinished items on the list. A daily list gives you a specific goal to work with and your subconscious mind loves specificity because it’s simple to visualize. It’s the same way that a marathon runner starts to increase their speed as they get closer to the finish line, despite tremendous pain and fatigue because they know they are nearing the finish line and the pain and fatigue will soon be over. Crossing off items on your planning list motivates your subconscious mind in much the same way.

By utilizing the technique of planning the night before, you will find that getting things done throughout the day is much easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before. Your productivity levels will soar. Relationships will become better. Success will come sooner. So dedicate at least three minutes at the end of your day before you go to bed to simply write down the tasks that you need to get done the following day and you will set yourself on a path of ultimate success.

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