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They say that experiments done by the scientists can never go wrong unless and until it is done by the known ones. But this fact is not so true; because there are many experiments which went wrong. Here is a list of 8 such experiments which failed to achieve the glory.

1. The Blank Slate Theory


This theory given by John Locke, also called Tabula Rasa, proposed that mental content of human beings is not built-in by birth and that they gain knowledge from experience and perception. Modern researchers proved him and the theory wrong as they said that genes and other traits of one’s family inherited from birth also play an important role.

2. Einstein’s Static (or Stationary) Universe


Einstein’s Universe also called Static Universe was a model proposed by Albert Einstein in 1917. He stated that Universe is stationary but then comes Edwin Hubble’s discovery which demonstrated that universe is constantly expanding.

3. The Demon Core


Scientist Louis Slotin died in his experiment of “Demon Core”. He has done this experiment on a sphere of plutonium. While doing this experiment, one mishap occurred and a screwdriver slipped and the sphere went supercritical. Due to severe radiation, he died after saving the lives of seven other people.

4. An Axe Experiment

In a high school, physics professor was demonstrating an experiment on the formula Pressure = Force / Area. In this experiment, a concrete block is laid on top of wooden nail slab which is in-turn on top of the professor. The slab is hit with an axe but he will still be fine as the force is spread out over a large area. But during this experiment, when a school employee with the axe swung down, he missed the concrete block and slams the axe directly into the teacher’s crotch.

5. Martian Canals

Some scientists of 19th century thought that Martian canals were a network of gullies and ravines that exist on Mars. In 1877, it was first detected that canals were actually found to be mere an optical illusion. It was detected by Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli with the help of telescopes and imaging technology.

6. The Expanding or Growing Earth

This is the hypothesis that position and relative movement of continents are dependent on the increasing volume of the Earth. In the 1970s, it was proved that there is no such expansion or contraction of Earth occurs by a group of scientists.

7. Quantum Physics Notion

According to this notion, two particles seem to communicate with each other instantly even when far off but later Albert Einstein argued that nothing travels faster than light.

8. The Fusion That Went Cold

When 2 scientists claimed that they were able to achieve the oh-so-hard condition built up in the sun at room temperature, everyone around world was in a state of shock. The most amazing thing about the experiment was that no other person on earth was able to achieve that state even after doing exactly what they did. A few looks into their theory and papers; and science fraternity caught their pity lie and punished them.

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