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15 reasons why your child is afraid of exams

When a child is enrolled in a school, it is expected that they write exams at the end of every term, which is normally used as a test of knowledge. The exam is also used to judge if the child has learned enough to proceed to the next class or if they still need to learn more in the same class before they would be ready to proceed.

There are however a lot of children who are afraid of exams. Most of this group of students goes further to fail such exams because the fear distracts them and makes it difficult for them to study. Here are 15 reasons why your child is afraid of exams.

Lack of preparation

Preparation for exams is very important. A lot of children are afraid of exams because they know they have not really prepared. When a child is well prepared for an exam, he would have nothing to be afraid of, as he would be confident that he has being able to get enough knowledge to successfully write the exam. When they are not prepared, they become afraid of sitting for such exam.

Lack of home tutor

Home tutors are teachers who come around after school or at weekends to put a child through what he has learned at school. Home tutors could include maths tutors who carry out maths tuitions for students at home or tutors on other subjects. These tutors are able to know areas where the child is lacking behind or topics he has not fully understood and would teach him in those areas. When a child lacks a home tutor, there is a probability he would have 1 or 2 topics he could not understand which could make him afraid of exams. 

Scared of failure

Most other reasons why children are scared of exams can be traced to this reason. They are scared of failing. Fear of failure is in most cases a wrong motivation for children as fear, in most cases pisses them off a particular activity as opposed to encouraging them to avert it. When a child is scared of failure, he would automatically become scared of exams and just that singular factor could be the major factor that would make him fail eventually.

Hates school

When children hate school, it also makes them afraid of everything happening in the school including learning and exams. When a child hates school, it would be very difficult to learn anything from the school, because of his hatred for school.

Hates his tutor

Children sometimes hate their tutors. Some of the reasons could be as a result of the fault of the tutor. The tutor could be too strict or give too much homework. In either case, the hatred spread into their learning for that subject. This results in the children being afraid of that exam or other exams generally. A good tuition centre would be helpful for overcoming this.

Afraid of being mocked by friends

Some children are scared of exams because they are scared that they would not do well which would result in their friends mocking them. This is more frequent in schools where they display the results of everybody, or where everybody or specific people have access to everybody’s result. They could mock and stigmatized those with the worst result in the class. This would make such kids to become scared of exams.

Afraid of threats from home

Threats from home could also make children to be scared of exams. When parents threaten their children that if they do not do well they are going to get punished or lose some privileges. They would blame the exams for the threat they are receiving. They would also get scared that the threat could be carried out by their parents or guardian. This could subsequently make them hate exams.

Failed his last exam

When a child failed the last exam he took, he would get scared of writing such exams again. It would result to nervousness and would make it difficult for them to concentrate and study. They would also be scared of writing the exam and failing again. This makes them to be scared of exams.

Afraid of some subjects

There are some students that hate particular subjects in the class. They believe these subjects to be tough and difficult to pass. So because they are afraid that they would fail these subjects, they generally get scared of exams and wish they could avoid it.

Lack of motivation

A lot of children need motivation before they can be interested in a particular thing. They want to know what they stand to gain when they carry out a particular task, especially when it is a tasking one like an exam. When children are not well motivated, they would hate to write an exam. Their hatred of writing exams would consequently make them scared of writing one.

Afraid of threats by teachers

Children – Teacher relationships are very important for a child to learn and partake in activities in the school including exams. When children feel threatened by their teachers, they stand to hate school and everything it represents including exam. They also become afraid of school and all school activities.

Have class teachers that does not know how to teach

When children are taught by teachers that do not know how to pass across knowledge, they find it difficult to learn. Inability to learn results in the student being afraid of exams, because they know they would most likely failed.

Have unqualified class teachers

Children who are also taught by unqualified teachers are either taught wrong things or not taught at all by such teachers. This makes them afraid of writing exams, especially exams that are assessed externally as they know what they are taught would be inadequate for them to pass.

No connection with school teachers

It can be common for students to not have a connection with their teachers. Perhaps the teacher is too old or too boring. This kills the student’s interest in the subject. A good tuition teacher could be a substitute for a poor school teacher.

Does not know what to read

Not knowing what to read could make it difficult for an individual to prepare for exams. When the person cannot prepare for exams, he would become afraid of writing the exam as he would also not know what to expect and what to write.

To make your students stop being scared of exams, it is important to organize maths tuition for them in Singapore or any other country where they reside. You could get a maths tutor in Singapore who would professionally put off this fears from them and help them raise the confident they need to learn in school and successfully write exams.