2nd December 2021

Is Physics Tuition Really Necessary?

Definitely not! This might be surprising coming from a physics tutor, but not every student needs tuition lessons.

In fact, having excessive tuition might increase a child’s stress. Ideally, every student will be able to manage exams by self studying.

However, our education system is a one-size-fits-all system, and not all students can cope with the volume and difficulty of the MOE syllabus.

The purpose of tuition is to provide additional support to students. In a smaller group setting, students are able to ask questions they cannot ask in a big class.

"How To Get A1 For O Levels!"

If you are looking to improve your Physics, pay attention to Ms. Rowena.

Many students and parents just like yourself have benefited from her more than 10 years of teaching experience. 

One of her students failed the Mid Year Exams badly, but managed to get A1 for the O Levels!

Whether you are failing miserably or if you just require a little guidance to achieve A1, you need to come to class NOW!

What Makes Ms. Rowena Special?

What makes Ms. Rowena better than other teachers? She plans interesting and energetic lessons to excite her students, unlike other classes that are extremely boring. When students are bored even before the lessons start, they will be unable to learn!

She asks stimulating questions to set minds thinking and truly understand tough concepts. Most importantly, she identifies the limitations of each student and helps them overcome their limitation to achieve a breakthrough.

Imagine if you are just one small tip away from unlocking your potential!

Her teaching style involves clear explanation, topic-by-topic summary, strategies in achieving good grades and most importantly a fun and lively atmosphere that includes simple games and riddles.

Who is Ms. Rowena?

Ms. Rowena is a highly experienced and qualified physics tutor. You can see from the testimonials that parents and students are very comfortable with her. Their results have improved greatly after having lessons with her.

She is very dedicated and committed to her students and will ensure she sees them through the exams!

She has 2 degrees, a Bachelor of Business Administration from NUS and a Bachelor of Aeronautics Engineering. She then obtained 1st Class Honours in Masters in Aeronautics Engineering from Leeds University in the UK.

What Will Your Child Get For Physics Tuition?

  • Concise, informative proprietary notes
  • Well planned lessons
  • Practice questions
  • Practice exam papers
  • Learn exam tips to ace their exams
  • Ask any questions and clear all doubts
  • Increase their confidence in taking exams


Our classes have limited seats and they are filling up fast. Hurry sign up and reserve your seat now!


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Fees and Location

O Level Tuition Fees


4 lessons of 2 Hours


201B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre

Singapore 307637

3 minutes walk from Novena MRT