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JC Physics Tuition

Is your child stressed and worried about Physics?

Struggling to understand physics conccepts?

Repeatedly reading lecture notes and practicing past year papers but still getting C, D or worse?

Don’t worry! I know EXACTLY how to help your child.

I’m Mr. Joel, and I am the Founder and Principal of Bright Physics. We specialise in teaching A Level Physics Tuition and was featured by Straits Times a few times.

My students were once like your child.

Confused and struggling to have a breakthrough in Physics.

But look at the transformation and improvement they achieved!

Give the best to your child

Do you want to see your child feeling confident and at peace the night before their exams? (Not furiously flipping through stacks of notes, desperately trying to absorb concepts)

Tackling past year exams with ease and FINALLY understanding organic Physics?

Knowing what CRUCIAL keywords Cambridge examiners are REALLY looking for?

Having a guide and mentor to assist them through this IMPORTANT period?

Small Class Size

To ensure the best learning experience, my class is capped at 10 students.

My lessons has been very helpful to my students and I’m very sure your child will benefit too.

 Who is suitable for my H2 Physics tuition class?

  • Barely scraped past Promos?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with stacks of notes, TYS and past year papers.
  • Wants to score and get A for A levels
  • Needs to revise the key Phyiscs concepts
  • Wants to learn the key words to apply during exams
  • Wants to know the mind maps and short cuts to use
  • Genuinely wants to learn and improve.

Consider attending my class. It will benefit them greatly.

What your child will get during my JC Physics Tuition lessons:

• Get a clearer understanding of key concepts 

• Hand-drawn diagrams, analogies and some basic teaching aids (molecular model sets) during my lessons

• Concise notes that you will SURELY CANNOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE. Some of my previous students just rely on my notes, throwing away their textbooks!

• Carefully selected practice papers that contains questions most likely to be tested! Make sure your child does this before going exams…

• Sample questions to make sure they are familiar with concepts

• Motivational stories to INSPIRE them!

• Clear all doubts about any concepts they don’t understand

• Ask any questions they have

• Learn all the tips my top students use to ace their exams

Trial Lesson

I know that chemistry (no pun intended!) between teacher and student is very important. So for a limited time only, we are offering paid trial lessons to new students.

Simply pay for one lesson only. If the class is not suitable, then you don’t have to pay for the full month!

We only have limited seats, take action and get your trial lesson now!