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If you observe everyone in your class, there are usually a few performing excellently in every subject. What things do you need to do to be like them?

Just do what they do, it’s that simple.

Smart students have well-structured study skills beginning in lectures. Below are the top 10 important tips on how to be the smart ones in class; fully optimizing your classroom time.

Tip 1: Come to the lecture room prepared. Go through the chapter before the lecture period. This is what differentiates the A’s from the B’s.

Tip 2: Keep the questioning mind. Come up with a list of questions as you preview the chapter and ask your lecturer the answers to those questions during lectures. Don’t forget to note the questions asked by your lecturer during lectures also.

Tip 3: Complete your lecture notes as soon as class ends. Complete the notes you took down during lectures immediately after class when your memory is still fresh.

Tip 4: Change the headings to questions. Headings and subheading written as questions widen your understanding and provoke your critical thinking.

  • Create a master list of questions. During lectures and while studying try to find answers to those questions.

Tip 5: Create a master list of keywords.  Understanding key concepts and how they relate with each other exposes your mind to the true mastery of that topic. You can also use flash cards.

Tip 6: Don’t be a back bencher. Sitting in front of the lecture room will keep you more focused and engaged. Smart students do this.

Tip 7: Ask questions during lectures. The more you ask, the more answers you get, the smarter you become. Never feel ashamed to raise your hand.

Tip 8: Pay attention to the instructor for exam hints. Write down the important facts and principles as hinted by your instructor. Observe and you will find them.

Tip 9: Avoid ditching lectures. This is a recipe for failure; never skip lectures. Also, don’t record what the lecturer says in lectures with any form of recording device. Knowing you are going to listen to the lectures again gives you an excuse not to pay attention in class.

Tip 10: Get the instructors attention. Be early to class and stay behind to help out the instructor and ask questions. Him or her should know your name. Make the most use of office hours.

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