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Do I Need Physics Tuition?

Physics is one of the most common and one of the most useful science subjects taken in the world with most students taking either pure physics or combined sciences (physics/chemistry). Physics is the study of the basic and fundamental rules that are strictly obeyed by everything in the whole universe.

Yet, for those who are new to this important subject such as secondary school students, learning about light waves, mechanics, electromagnetism, heat radiation and the structure of atoms can be a little daunting and discouraging.

Hence, it is not really surprising that your child could be battling and struggling with physics. We highly recommend physics tuition not only for students who are nearing their A-levels or O-levels but even those who are also new to the subject.

Most parents prefer private physics tuition over public physics tuition centres simply because during a home tuition session, private physics tutors are able to customize the lessons and give your child undisturbed attention in order to help him/her understand physics formulas, ideas and concepts.

Why Your Kids Need A Tutor

Almost any journey is made much easier if you have help from someone that has been down that same path before and can guide you in the right direction. Success with any task is much more likely when you have the right kind of help.

That is true for most things and it’s also true for those students studying physics. A difficult subject can be made more manageable with help that your child can get from a physics tutor.

But how do you know if your child needs a physics tutor?

  • If your child boldly asks you for help with his Physics, it means he is having problems with the subject. Thus, he needs a physics tutor.
  • If you have a child that has dreams of entering the aerospace or other related industry then an excellent idea would be to find him a physics tutor that will help him in studying at his own pace.
  • Does he get upset when he tries to do his physics homework? Or refuses to show you his homework assignments? A physics tutor would highly benefit him.
  • Is physics a completely new area of study for him? Physics is an advanced science that depends upon some advanced math. A guiding hand as he navigates through would not be a bad idea.

These are a few of the things that a parent will need to look out for. Watch out for these indicators and if you start to notice any of them it may very well be time to start considering a physics tutor for your child.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Tutor

There are several factors parents and students should consider when choosing an efficient private tutor. Some factors and considerations can include age, sex, qualifications, experience, track record/reputation, budget, etc.

Given that there are many private tutors around, how then could you choose an outstanding tutor? Below are a few important factors that should be considered.

Choose A Tutor That Teaches Actively

There are many tutors out there who like tutoring passively. That means, they just sit around and inactively watch the students do their schoolwork/homework. These are tutors who literally tell the students to try and try again without rendering much active help. In my opinion, this is definitely a waste of money by the parent/student. Why pay a huge sum to employ a guardian just to watch over you do your own work?

In addition, active tutors take the great initiative to supply notes and questions to their students, and teach in such a good way that it helps the students think, analyse, comprehend, and understand concepts and questions. They, however, repeat this process again and again. They actively train the student to grasp concepts, to utilise effectively every tool in their hands (rulers, calculators, etc) and to make great use of exam methods and strategies to reduce their careless mistakes or take big advantage of the structure in which questions are set.

The tutor doesn’t need to be from MOE previously. There are many parents who prefer ex-MOE teachers but that is just a nice to have factor and not absolutely necessary.

Choose A Passionate And Knowledgeable Tutor

This is a significant standard that you must fulfill. Aside the previous grades in school, a good tutor has to prove a very good track record, and be able to make genuine references to the why and how of tackling the question or concept.

Most significantly, a qualified tutor must be able to put apparently difficult concepts into simple and clearer terms, making sure that the student can assimilate and absorb the details.

Passion is also very important because a competent tutor must really impart his knowledge, skills as well as passion to his/her students. Such students must want to target for great marks, and not just high grades, for his/her students.

Choose A Responsible Tutor

A good tutor will take full responsibility for all of his/her students. Being highly responsible as a tutor and guidance means:

  • Willing and want to take the student all the way to the end of the year.
  • Do not teach the wrong lessons. When not sure, do indicate, and do extensive research before teaching the student the correct lessons.
  • Adequately ensure that the student improves in marks and grades.

Final Words

A good physics tutor will really help your child familiarize with the syllabus by going through the textbook, showing concepts and helping your child to make important physics notes, which are essential to learning.