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20 things your child must do before exams

Taking exams is not an easy feat as there are a lot of preparations that you have to do in advance before you will be ready for exams. In almost all cases the grades of students are often a direct representation of what they have done before they wrote the exams. Those that are prepared and did everything they are supposed to do end up doing well and passing the exams. Others who did not have the time to study for the exam end up not doing well. Here are 20 things your child must do before exams.

Be enrolled in a school

Before you can write most exams, it is required that you should be a student of a school. There are however some schools that can allow you write exams under their platform if you are not enrolled in any school. This is however not advisable as it is better if your child has passed through the school system and learned from a class. He would also have had the privilege of relating with his fellow students, from whom he could also learn a lot.

Have a personal tutor

A personal tutor is also an important thing your child should have before exams. The tutor could train him in all subjects he is writing. You could also get specific tutors for specific subjects. For instance, you could get a physics tutor to give physics tuition to your child before the exam. You can get physics tutors in Singapore or any other country to train your child personally before exam commences.

Prepare for the exam

Preparing for the exam means knowing the exact scope of the exam – which chapters are being tested, the dates and times of the exams. This is very basic and should be the first thing to be done!

Go through his textbooks

All schools have recommended textbooks from which the students learn from. Your child should read through this textbooks from page to page and get as much information as possible from the textbook before it is time for his exam.

Read through his class notes

The note he has taken in class is also important as most of the exam questions is sure to come from what the teacher has taught in class. He should thus endeavor to read it properly and be conversant with everything in the note.

Browse on the subjects

The internet has availed us a lot of materials at our fingertips, just at the press of a mouse. You should encourage your child to regularly use to internet to get more information about topics that was taught in class. This would make him more prepared and confident about the exam.

Visit the library

The library is a house where there are a lot of books people can come in to read and in some cases borrow. Students can visit libraries to have access to other books that are related to the subject they are taking and either read or borrow such books.

Have attended school regularly

It is important that your child have attended school regularly before any exam he is to write. He would thus have had the opportunity to learn from the school and attend all tuitions before the exam such as physics tuitions.

Have the scheme of work for the term

Most teachers always give the scheme of work for a particular subject for the term. It is important that your child has the scheme of work. This would be his guide while studying. He should have learned about every topic in the scheme of work before going for the exams.

Get area of concentrations if available

Some other teachers do give areas of concentration for students from their scheme of work for the term. The area of concentration gives the child the opportunity to know where he should concentrate on while preparing for the exam as opposed to just reading aimlessly.


Your child should try to get access to past questions and other questions on the subjects and practice them. His physics tutor for example can help you while practicing these questions and guide him right when he goes wrong.

Eat well balanced diets

It is also important that your child eats balanced diet before exams and always. Some food classes helps in boosting the brain, the mind and other parts of the child’s body. This would help him to be strong all through the term to attend classes. It would also help his brain to assimilate while in class and while studying.


Many students neglect this during exam periods. However, physical exercise is very important to keep students mentally fresh.

Rest well

It is also important for a child to rest well while preparing for exams as well as before and after studying. This is important so that the child does not break down or fall ill. It is also of benefit to the brain.

Take time outs to play

It is important that he also makes out time to play. Like the popular proverb says, “all work without play makes Jack a dull boy”. He should thus be able to study hard but also try to find time to play.

Drink enough water

A very large part of the brain is made of water. Taking enough water is thus of high benefit to the brain as it helps to keep it in its best condition.

Be attentive in class

It is important that your child should pay attention in class before writing an exam. It would make it easy for him to recall answers to questions that have been treated in class.

Be punctual in classes

It is important that your child attend every class in school as much as possible. He would be sure to perform better when he attends classes compared to when he does not attend classes.

Be timely at school

It is important that your child gets to school on time every day. This would help him to always have a good day at school as a wrong start to a school day due to late coming could make him lose concentration for the rest of the day.

Love his school and teachers

Your child must love his school before he can take exam in the school. He should love the school, the tutors and all school activities for all subjects.